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Mark Dulaney
Result Strategist, ChampionsYOUniversity.com

ChampionsYOUniversity.com is a virtual University that provides strategy, tactics, and accountability for business owners and sales and marketing teams.

My philosophy- Samson killed a thousand men with the Jawbone Of An Ass. That many Dreams & Great Ideas are killed every day with the same weapon! Thus you must Beware who you listen to!

Mark Dulaney is the “Result Strategist” at ChampionsYOUniversity.com and every day he works to help his clients solve one of the four primary problems that keep them from getting the results they desired.

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Skillsets planning, strategy, accountability, and kicking you in the butt and getting you to do what makes you successful.

Expertise: Marketing, Time, and Performance Strategies.


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September 7, 2016