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More than just a space

12247075_1637953203142453_6002142911866398715_nCarlson Cowork is different than most other coworking places. We really focus on community and collaboration. Many coworking places offer multiple rental/membership options, including one day rentals. This typically means that people are merely looking for a place to work. That is fine for some, but the Carlson Cowork offers only monthly memberships. It is a benefit to members because it is still only a short-term commitment, but it also means that every member is committed to becoming part of the community. Instead of bouncing around from one place to another, like a coffee shop…you have an exclusive work space that is yours to call your very own.

No question, there are going to be different personalities and some people are more out-going than others. Some people will bury themselves in their work and only pop their head up occasionally. Others will be more social and interact more often. The nice part is… it’s your choice – whatever fits your personality!

When you become a member you will be introduced to other members. Depending on your type of work or business, it’s not unusual to find something in common with other people within the first couple of days. Some information will be gathered from you (personal/name and business information). That information is placed on a placard to identify your work space, which makes it easier for other members to get to know you and what you do. An email blast will also be sent out to the community introducing you and before long people will be introducing themselves to you… and the collaboration begins!

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Members Events

Carlson Cowork was founded as a place for businesses to grow. Community is #1, which is why we have scheduled members events to facilitate collaboration and growth. Almost everyone here has worked with someone else from Carlson. It’s really an amazing resource.


  • Monthly “State of the Carlson” members’ meeting
  • Website team meetings
  • Bi-weekly Lunch and Learn workshops
  • Quarterly members’ dinners
  • Member organized events