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An Introduction

Coworking is exploding! National Real Estate Investor Magazine: “The co-working trend isn’t just a flash in the pan, as employees have learned that telecommuting is too isolating, they want to be around people, to feel like they’re part of something, a bigger purpose,” Whelen says. “Our research shows that co-working has grown to about 2.2 million square feet in New York City and doubled in size in Washington, D.C.”


Coworking is growing throughout the country and the world…Carlson Cowork is leading the way in Rochester, NY. There are so many benefits to working at Carlson Cowork and we keep experiencing more every day. Walk through the community space and some days you’ll find members very focused on their work with their faces in their computers. Later there are groups of people up talking to one another sharing ideas, collaborating, and learning from one another. You learn and are motivated by other’s success. Members get business ideas, hire one another and grow their business. It’s also a great place for people working in Rochester, but work remotely for a company located in another city or state. Lunch and Learns provide the opportunity to hear from experts in a variety of subjects, whether it’s presented by another member or an outside professional.


If you are an outgoing person it’s possible to meet someone new just about every day…Lunch and Learns provide social interaction along with educational information seminars. Parties for members and their spouses/significant others are just plain fun and an easy way to get to know each other!


Some member’s spouses have said “thank you” for creating Carlson Cowork! Instead of being torn between family and work while working out of the house, as a member of Carlson Cowork you get your work done, any time day or night, with 24/7 access. You are then able to enjoy quality family time without being pulled in multiple directions which is so typical of working from home.

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