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Carlson Cowork is different than most other coworking places. We really focus on community and collaboration. Many coworks  offer multiple rental/membership options, including one day rentals. This typically means that people are merely looking for a place to work. That is fine for some, but the Carlson Cowork only offers monthly memberships. It is a benefit to members because it is still only a short-term commitment, but it also means that every member is committed to becoming part of the community. Instead of bouncing around from one place to another, like a coffee shop…you have an exclusive work space that is yours to call your very own.

At Carlson Cowork our culture can be explained using a simple formula…Community + Collaboration + Capitalism = Growth (in that order). In this video you’ll hear about the community element at Carlson Cowork.


Our community is what makes Carlson Cowork unique. The fact that we ALWAYS put community first is what sets this place apart from other Coworking spaces. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk through our doors is that people say “hi” and genuinely want to know YOU.


The community we have cultivated at Carlson Cowork leads to a very natural and organic form of collaboration. Many of our members have worked together and exchanged ideas (and even money – that’s the ultimate goal of business, right?!). We have, first and foremost, formed friendships and firmly believe that collaboration is the key to growth in a new economy.


That’s right – we believe in the importance of making money for businesses to grow (go figure:)). However, we also understand that making money can be done in a moral and mutually beneficial way. Starting with community is essential in our culture. Our community is strong and because of that our members collaborate, exchange capital and GROW!

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2,000 (yeah, you heard right!) parking spots


We have GREENLIGHT – The fastest connection in town!

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Access to our bi-weekly events & meetings. Exclusively for Carlson members.

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